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Sightseeing tour with a visit to the National Museum of Republic of Tatarstan

Sightseeing tour around Kazan - Kazan is the best option for people visiting our city for the first time. During this tour you will visit the most famous landmarks of Kazan:

старо-татарская слобода

Old-Tatar village

(Tatar drama theatre, Kaban lake, Bulak channel)

Площадь тысячелетия

Millennium Square

(Kazan circus, Central Stadiun, Sports Palace, the Panorama of Kazan Kremlin)

Площадь свободы

Freedom Square

(Ballet and Opera theatre, Town Hall, The building of Republic of Tatarstan State Council)

Observing point, from which you can see modern districts of the city


Kremlovskaya str.

(Architectural ensemble of the Federal University of Kazan, Peter and Paul 18 century Cathedral, Chernoyarovskiy and Alexandrovsky Passages)

Национальный музей РТ

National museum of Republic of Tatarstan

In the National Museum you will discover the history of Kazan and present Republic from the ancient times, find out everyday life of ancient Bulgars (ancestors of Tatar people), armor of the warrior of the Golden Horde, see the real carriage belonged to Ekaterina II, which she used to travel around Kazan, collection of jewelry that Tatar girls used and a lot of other peculiar things.

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