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Sightseeing tours to Kazan: excursions for your own choice

We are glad to offer you several options to choose from.
After choosing one or several every tourist will undoubtedly get lots of great emotions and will remember the trip for a long time after!

Обзорная экскурсия по Казани

Ethnic traditions of Laishevskiy region
Этнические традиции

Evening Kazan
Вечерняя Казань

Raif monastery
Раифский монастырь

Castle-town Sviyazhsk

Raif monastery + Sviyazhsk
Раифа + Свияжск

Bolgar + lunch

Elabuga + lunch

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Tours to Kazan – is a perfect opportunity to travel in both space and time as there are monuments thousands years old and hundreds of peoples and nations live toe to toe on this land. Mosque’s minarets and churches’ crosses are stretched out to the sky. Tours to Kazan allows you feeling the atmosphere of the place, where pragmatic West and fairy East are beautifully merged. Kazan is the city which is acknowledged as cultural center and sport capital of the country.

Choose the tour you like and see what interests you most. It’s up to you to decide what impressions will be left after visiting the capital of ancient Kazan khanate and modern megalopolis. Tours to Kazan are a great number of excursions to choose from, each lets you understand the history of our nation and see for yourself the life of people who created that history. If your time is limited, you can see Kazan Kremlin – the monument guarded by UNESCO as a world heritage and go through the sightseeing city tour. There is a possibility to know orthodox Kazan: dozens of churches are open for you, some of which are over several hundred years old are waiting for you to show the craftsmanship of ancient artists and architects. There are tours to a Muslim Kazan to tell you about traditional Islam. Old Tatar village, Millennium Square, Krestovozdvizhenskaya Church, St Peter and Paul Cathedral will tell you the stories of old days. Freedom Square, The University of Kazan, Chernoyarovskiy and Alexandrovsky Passages, an observation point showing the view of the modern city will leave the right impression of Kazan’s architecture.

Generally, there might be thousands of words to describe all the beautiful places of Kazan, but it can’t be compared with seeing it once. We invite you to join the tours to this amazing, both ancient and modern! We assure, you will fall in love with the city to come back again and again to join even more tours around Kazan to deeper understand its interesting history and traditions.